04 juin 2010

down on him

University in farewell before, with our growth, but MBT Shoes Clearanceboring to learn, there is the emotional heart in the ongoing growth of the birth of madness. I think the most memorable is not learning, but that a section of feelings, emotions seems to be just as crazy is the age of innocence.

departure may be the break up, of course, talking about love, a friends told me that he was afraid of the parting, to hear his words, I heart slightly to look down on him leaving, but temporary separation, the great love can break away, I laughed at his fear of one's solitude, I laugh that he does not believe in love, but in that moment, I left the city, I suddenly felt empty inside, perhaps it will be like people said, one can determine its own believe in love, but can not dominate each other, people really lonely right? I reflected on these words, lonely, perhaps! I fear the words of that, because of loneliness staged numerous separation, also staged numerous wounds.

train when the brother looked at me, inside a strong woman is a treasure dig, he said that Huang Rong is one such woman, because he dug Guo Jing, I argued for a long time, said That is because Guo Jing, Huang Rong saw the cute, love him, if not like it will not Xuhuang Rong Li Jing Guo, finish this sentence I suddenly feel like an error, it seemed, is ah! Huang Rong had dug up a treasure, she would take a great effort to transform this piece of hard stone, finally got her to a life of happiness, but now the hard stone Maybe you found, found, but sometimes can not go to the transformation of patient He also may transform into other people after the groom. This is perhaps not so strong your heart to know that you love, from love lost himself. 1 Friends, I naive, in love, do not know how to control their feelings, perhaps too care about it! Perhaps too confused feelings. Perhaps the heart is really fragile! This is the first time a woman will emotionally harm their own.

I saw close friends of tears, I suddenly felt the tearsMBT Shoes Sale of a woman as if it is really for a man from that. I felt, not just her, there was myself, and I never saw her the kind of strong. As if its the same, only in the absence of such time will not hide. We were all trapped by the situation, but could not escape the pain.

seems time flies in the face of love we are not dynamic, but a your hand the profound feelings. I am so eager to stay there for that person, because of parting, it nostalgia, but the phrase I was afraid of lonely people, so I keep thinking, love can be selfless, but it is love, many people have left a beautiful memories, but the pain of parting, when perhaps only the taste, you can not get rid of the body by taking the time to pain, but time will heal the sorrow, no one left who can not live, not luxury you are my life that the most memorable sentence of commitment, commitment is empty words, you can control your thoughts, but not control each other's hearts, do not promise, will always remember the forgotten, should not be forgotten and will not forget.

trance, the step by step of the way, saw a close friend had to work, I suddenly worry a lot, whether the pursuit of those wonderful college life with the end of my stay in my heart, I suddenly Can not find a direction, then go to work to stay home and live enough to live comfortably, or go for a city dwelling people, I do not envy the prosperity of those cities, for I have books that you can write people seem to be quiet as possible, a close friend asked me, you do not like the noise of big cities, not only ran for talent go! You are in the consumption of your youth, or prove thatDiscount MBT Shoes you can love, you do not want to get him, but want to live in the city looking at his life, naive. My childish really much ah! Always felt he is the kind of thoughtful people, it now appears was a mistake. I was at the time of the study.

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